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Sunday, September 30, 2012

I can not help it....

I know it is not Halloween yet and yes I also know that Halloween is not a typical celebration thing in Denmark, but...

The stores already have these beautiful, orange, wonderful pumpkins and I can not help it - I have already bought 2 of them


To make a pumpkin head, first cut out a lid. I like to cut it off in zigzag by use of a sharp knife. Plug the knife into the middle of the pumpkin. Be careful only to cut in the pumpkin :-)

 Scratch the seeds and the soft spongy contents out of the pumpkin. I use a combination of a small knife and a spoon. Afterwards cut out a decoration e.g. like a face.
The finished Halloween pumpkin. The sunlight through the window and the pumpkin, almost shows how it will look with a tealight inside.

The firm contents you cut/scratch out of the pumpkin, can be used to a very delicious soup
Well my Halloween pumpkin might look a little too friendly to be scary, but it is fun to make and quite decorative and the soup taste great.
You can find the soup recipe here:
The recipe is in Danish. If you will like it in English please let me know and I will translate it!


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Knitting for My

It is Saturday and autumn is really started. The weather is changing between a little sun and lots of rain and by lots of rain - I mean LOTS of rain.
The temperature outside has decreased quite fast lately and now must surely be the time to finish the sweather I am knitting for my 6 year old granddaughter My.
It is a wonderful orange sweather with twisted pattern in the front and with green edges and with a hat.
Pure, warm wool to keep the little girl warm in the winter.


I promise to put in a pic of the finished sweather and perhaps I can persuade the pretty 6 year old to be modelling

Friday, September 28, 2012

Mind Therapy

After a short meeting at work this morning I went home. I need a little more time to digest the chock from yesterday, but plan to be back at work again Monday.
I have six months notice before I need to stop at work. That means time for finding out what to do and to look for a new job.

For today I have my own mind therapy.
I have started up making a patchwork with a random combination of fabric, sizes and form. No fixed pattern.

I simply add random pieces of fabric and when it has the right size I cut it into a square 18 x 18 cm
It is very important to ironing each added piece after sewing, to avoid any wrinkles

When I have enough squares I have planned to sew them together and hopefully I will end up with a nice blanket

Well it might not be like having a fancy therapy session - but for now and for me - it works!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

What a day!

Today is the day I post my very first words on this blog.
For days I have been thinking about how to start. Should I begin with some wise words, smart expressions, fancy creativities or how to do this?

Well today was not the day for smart words......

- today, I need to think about what to do in the future.
- today, the crisis in Europe got personally.
- today, I got fired after working in the same company for 20 years.


- today is also the day that I decided to be the bird Phoenix. I will emerge stronger from this.